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Religious right-wing lie about the military

One unfortunate thing I have learned about the religious right-wing, is that they are apt to lie. On a far Christian right-wing website, which I won't give publicity to but is very infamous, it made a series of lies about supposed violations towards Christian service-members in the military.

One of the supposed "attacks" on the rights of Christians was an $80,000 worship site at a military base for Wiccans, druids, pagans and those who follow certain Native American faiths. Somehow, this accommodation of the religious beliefs of these groups was an attack on the rights of the far religious right-wing.

Of course, the cost to build chapels and employ chaplains is in the billions of dollars over the years, but nobody states that is an attack on the religious freedom of other groups.

Another supposed attack listed by the website is that chaplains will be forced to marry same sex couples. Sigh. Military directives have just been changed to allow chaplains, if they so choose, to marry same sex couples on a military base or off base.

I am not even sure if they can perform a ceremony in a state that bans them, though they wouldn't be recognized in that that state anyway.

Indeed, a gay married couple couldn't engage in a marriage enrichment program because the chaplain's religious sponsoring organization (Southern Baptists) wouldn't allow it, even though the chaplains are hired by the government and the taxpayers, and not the Southern Baptists or any other religious organization.

If you want to support real religious liberty and ensure that the religious right-wing don't dominate our military, please support the Military Religious Freedom Foundation or support the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.