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Religious people ‘sorta’ loves thy neighbor

Are you guilty?
Are you guilty?
Fran Childress

Researchers at the Bayer University wanted to see if religious individuals ‘really did’ love their neighbors. What they found was most did but only if the neighbor did not violate their personal values. Although, the study did not account for the rigid ideologies labeled “right wind authoritarianism” as it was factored out of the study, according to a report by Bayer published Jan. 23.

The researchers studied a compilation of data previously taken from an online survey of different religions (e.g., Catholics, Protestants and Muslims). The data consisted of the positive feelings/attitudes towards different groups of people such as (by not limited to) African-Americans, atheists, gays and lesbians. It should be noted the feelings were not characterized by means of prejudice and generosity, which were omitted from the study.

In other words, the researchers omitted the factors of prejudice and generosity and focused only on ‘love they neighbor’ attitudes.

The findings suggest a positive association with religious individuals and loving thy neighbors (neighbors being of different racial and ethnic groups) but only if these groups did not violate their values.

The religious teaching of ‘love thy neighbor’ is not limited to those who only agree and abide by an individual’s values.

Can you say you sincerely ‘love your neighbor?’

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