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Religious leaders seize this 4/20 to call for end to Drug War

420 Easter Bunny
420 Easter Bunny
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A broad coalition of religious leaders from different faiths have joined together to condemn the Drug War. These leaders recognize that the War on Drugs causes more harm than it prevents and they want to use the Easter season to remind Christians what Jesus would do. Easter Sunday celebrates the Christ rising from the dead, and as a metaphor this coalition calls for "a rebirth and resurrection of communities burdened by the harms of injustice oftentimes masquerading under of the guise of law and order and criminal justice."

The statement makes the following pleas:

  1. Repeal laws that criminalize drug possession and replace them with policies that expand access to effective health approaches to drug use, including evidence-based drug treatment.
  2. Eliminate policies that result in racially disproportionate arrest and incarceration rates.
  3. End policies that unjustly exclude people with a record of arrest or conviction from key rights and opportunities.

These are all common sense pleas that sensible people have been wanting for years. A lot of states are already, slowly but surely, heading in this direction. The problem is in the resistance shown by those of a more prohibitionist nature.

This Christian coalition against the Drug War will help a lot with the prohibitionists, since prohibition of anything tends to arrive from those with Puritanical habits and "holier than thou" attitudes. This Easter statement serves to remind those what Jesus would actually do. The Drug War sorta criminalizes the section of society the Son of God tended to pal around with.

"We are called upon to follow Jesus’s example in opposing the war on drugs, which has resulted in the United States becoming the world’s biggest jailer, with about 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners," said Reverend Edwin Sanders, who is a Board Member of the Drug Policy Alliance and the Senior Servant for the Metropolitan Interdenominational Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jesus would not put people in prison for a victim-less crime. Christian or not, we shouldn't either.

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