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Religious Freedom: A civil right



Pause, and breath.  Now, before we quickly jump to condemn these 9 newest billboards that were recently introduced to Las Vegas, we should think.  Religious freedom is a right granted us as stated in the first amendment: everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.  However, in a majority Christian nation many people find other religions or in this case lack of religion to be unfamiliar or scary which often times leads to prejudice.

Prejudice of any individual is wrong and we should never succumb to the temptations of pointing a finger.  This billboard is a great example of how our civil rights are becoming more and more important in these times we live.  In a time when homosexuality is compared to the African American struggle to civil rights, we must keep in mind all of our other rights.  Rights that we hold dear to each one of us in the Land of the Free.  

The organization sponsoring these 9 new Las Vegas billboards is the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  They can be found at  and will certainly tempt you to think if nothing else.   John Whiteside who is responsible for putting this campaign together also has big plans for the homeless coming in Dec. when he plans to open a Homeless pantry called Freethought Kitchens that is non religious based and offers organic meals. John said "These billboards promote science and the separation of church and state, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. I view them as an act of patriotism." 

Freely expressing our civil rights has been an ongoing battle since our forefathers signed the Constitution; as long as we have lawyers and the right to freely interpret text we will most likely struggle for those rights.  


  • Cat 5 years ago

    Wow, that is very insightful...I like it
    Is it possible that any of us could not be prejudice somehow?

  • Regina 5 years ago

    Good question. My answer is yes I believe we could make the decision not to pre-judge others, but I think it takes a strong individuals to do so and I wonder if we all have the mental capacity. Perhaps someday we will all decide that all this fighting is a waist of time, that would be nice.