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Religious bigotry or hatred of Israel? matters not as the result is the same

The tipping point of the Israeli incursion into Gaza was the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli students
The tipping point of the Israeli incursion into Gaza was the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli students image

The old fashioned, historically incorrect, totally irrelevant Holy Scriptures is once again deadly accurate on the contentious subject of Israel. What is it about this tiny country that is the only Middle Eastern viable democracy that can make the world so crazy?

The Bible clearly describes a planet that would be antagonist towards Israel and that very much is the case when anyone brings up this Hebrew nation. Even America has a confusing policy at best towards Israel who is allegedly an ally of America.

Israel vacated the Gaza with assurances that land for peace would be the roadmap to build the future. Not soon after rockets were being fired from Gaza into Israel on a daily basis. Any assurances from the Palestinian Authority, United Nations, United States, and European Union evaporated with the ongoing pounding of civilian targets fired from the Gaza. This has been going on for years.

The world pretends amnesia about why there is a security wall in Israel. It just could not be due to the restaurants, transportation vehicles, airport venues and other locals being blown up by suicide bombers. What incident started this entire Israeli operation as a tipping point after ongoing rocket bombardment from Hamas?

PA Chief Mahmoud Abbas “inadvertently” and “not knowingly” funded the terrorist operation of Black September which murdered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Abba now has the influence of Hamas working in concert with the PA, a rather dubious relationship for an organization sworn to Israel’s destruction.

Israel is now expected to trust this unholy alliance with their lives.

It is clear that these Islamic dominated countries have an intense hatred of Israel because of theological differences, however what is puzzling is the West’s attitude including America regarding Israel. Anti-Semitism is growing and it appears religious intolerance is also driving persecution of Christians worldwide. It basically is the same spiritual authority that is being objected to since the Jewish religion gave birth to Christianity.

Attacking religious freedoms is an international epidemic and both Israel and Christians are facing the brunt of this spiritual phenomenon.

If there is any doubt there is a climate of antagonism towards religion, one merely needs to inspect the irrationality of those opposing the Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby. It is a dirty phrase, that is religious freedom, and opponents to religion are working overtime to circumvent this fundamental right.

Religious bigotry (hatred) is polluting the logic of America’s foreign policy. One would have needed to be an observer at a recent “Peace Conference” in Israel as White House coordinator for Middle East affairs Philip Gordon gave a keynote speech slamming Israel and dismissing Benjamin Netanyahu’s security concerns as Hamas rockets disrupted the peace conference. One could not draw up a more bonehead observation.

One wonders how the United States would react if our friendly nations funded the Taliban after 9/11 and continued business as usual. Well, that is exactly what America and brainless nations expect Israel to do with the marriage between the PA and Hamas. Gordon did not bother to mention that issue at the peace conference. In fact it is not unusual for government officials to ignore anything negative about the PA or Hamas.

What our government and other countries expect Israel to do has gone passed the enigma stage and is now entering the Twilight Zone.

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