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Religion: Is it tearing Atlanta couples apart or bringing them together?

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Ladies in fancy hats, men in three piece suits, little girls in patent leather shoes and little boys in bow ties all congregating at packed breakfast house styled restaurants, after attending Sunday morning church. In Georgia, specifically Atlanta religion is very important to the family. Sundays are reserved for church for much of the population. If not Sunday then there are those who attend church on Saturdays, either way most of the population are worshiping, gay or straight.

With a population so steeped in learning about the word of God, it would seem that relationships would be more wholesome and less problem prone. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Religion and its dictates can be quite troublesome for many couples especially in this new and ever increasing freedom-loving era. The problem is religion has not changed for thousands of years, and typically does not keep up with the new ways couples want to relate to one another, co-exist with one and other or even who they choose to love. Much of the new choices couples are making for their love lives do not fit in with the mandates of much of the different religions out there.

So what is a couple to do when they love their partner, but respect the mandates of their religion? How can they choose? Should they have to choose? Is it right to allow religion to dictate how and who we love when in fact there are many areas in life that religion is not followed? What makes one area stricter to follow than the other? These are all valid questions many want answers for but will not really get. Religious enthusiasts will simply tell you this is how God wants it and who are they to change it.

Fortunately, springing up in Atlanta are churches such as New Covenant Atlanta and Free Chapel are allowing all who would like to serve the Lord to come through their doors. There is no judgment. Whereas couples would break up under the stress of wanting to follow God’s command and the choice of their lifestyle, they now have a church home. Unwed couples, gay couples, couples with children out of wedlock are all welcome. Is that not how it should be? After all, we should leave the judging to the only one qualified to do so and that is God.

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