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Religion in Human Rights

human rights
human rights

Should Religion be allowed in decisions made about Human Rights? well many Atlanta people are saying no. With people having to vote on efforts of laws like initiative 26 being put in place, a lot of people are not liking what the religious community is having to say about such laws. Last week I was blessed to have the opportunity to be in my home town of Jackson, Ms, to hear just how the people were feeling about initiative 26. Initiative 26 is a law that PersonHood Initiatives have been trying to put in place, what it would do is stop the use of emergency contraception, birth control pills, IUD's and abortions (no matter the situation, Example: Rape, Incest, or to save a life of a woman or girl that is threatened). The voting poles were over flowing when I arrived at the poles on Nov. 8th 2011 at 6:15pm in Byram, MS. and many were eager to tell just how they were feeling. Ivie Ero, 30, of Jackson, MS stated "We serve a God of choice, its not about forcing people to make what we believe is the right choice, its about giving them freemdom to make a choice"; she also believed that Religion shouldn't be involved in decisions about initiative 26 because it has more to do with personal choice. Many were in agreement with Ms. Ero saying that having the freedom to make a choice is a gift from God, while others felt that the only one who has the right to make a choice about life is God.

I was eager to reach Atlanta to find out how many Christians were in support of 26 and what their views were about having religion wrapped up in such a controversial law. Upon my return, I decided to have dinner so I could fellowship with my fellow Christian girl friends and find out how they felt. I invited a few friends over, all women, Lesbian and Straight and asked them how they felt about initiative 26, and how they would vote if we were ever faced with having to vote on it in Atlanta. Laura Stokes, 22, stated that "She believes God would be totally against abortion and as a Christian she doesn't believe in covering mistakes through abortion, but she does think that there would be forgiveness and understanding if she was raped or a victim of incest and decided to have an abortion". Personally I believe that we serve a God of love and though the child is ultimately innocent, if I could not offer the child love dealing with the situation the child was conceived in, I think I would use my right to do what was best for me. The dinner ended in the agreement to disagree because it was clear that we were divided in our beliefs. I am one that doesn't believe that religion should be involved in such laws like 26, because it only causes more confusion and division amongst people of all sexes, class, religion etc. I feel that we should have the right to do what is best for ourselves as an individual. Already laws like 26 have been rejected by other states such as Colorado, California and South Dakota in 2006 and 2008, and again in Colorado in 2010. States that are on the upcoming list to vote on such laws are Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Navada, and California in 2012, and there are plans to target Florida in 2014. Until then people will stand divided on the issue of Anti-Choice laws and Religion in Human rights.