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Religion and Revolution

The first week in July brings the fourth of July holiday with the barbecues, fireworks, events and sales. All of this is made possible by the grace of God and by a group of very dedicated men who fixed themselves on an ideal of freedom. An ideal created by our heavenly Father and reaffirmed by his only begotten son. Have you ever thought about the connection between the Jewish-Christian struggles and the founding of the United States of America?

Two hundred thirty eight years ago, on a hot July day in Philadelphia, some of the most prominent citizens of the royal colony dipped their quills in ink and exposed themselves as fomenting high treason. They were from different backgrounds and skills, yet each had come to the meeting hall with a single purpose, to inform the king of Great Britain that the colonies would no longer suffer his royal decrees, nor any acts passed by parliament. The cause of all the trouble was rooted in economics, the colonies' raw materials could only be traded with England, the mother country then shipped back finished goods which were sold for profit. There were other acts that were imposed as well to refill the royal treasury that had been drained by costly wars. The monarchy risked breaking the economy of the island kingdom and so extended its reach to its colonies.

Seventeen hundred and forty three years before that eventful day a young carpenter who had become a teacher came under the scrutiny of the most prominent citizens and holy men of his day. Through the years between the law given to Moses and the advent of Yeshua of Nazareth the prominent citizens-the Pharisees, the lawyers and the scribes and the chief priests had come to twist the law to their own advantage. They declared for a Jew to be put right with God an appropriate blood sacrifice needed to be made, however, animals that were brought into the temple from outside were deemed unacceptable. Therefore the sinner had no choice but to buy an animal from an approved seller within the temple walls and since Roman money was considered filthy, the buyer would have to exchange his filthy money for temple money at an exchange rate of at least 2 to 1. These same “holy” men would then spend and invest the Roman currency, thus using God's law to provide a very fat living for themselves. Small wonder that Jesus said in Matthew 23:13-14: “Woe to you pharisees, for you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men, for neither do you go in, nor do you allow those entering to go in.” and “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you devour widows houses and then pray at length as a pretense, so to you will come the greater condemnation.” Scripture tells us these were filled with rage and so began to plot his death. The cause of all this trouble was economics as their funding arrangements were rapidly shrinking.

George III and the Pharisees and chief priests gave in to the sins of greed and haughty pride. The king of Great Britain attempted to preserve his kingdom's power and set into motion events that changed the economic and political face of the world. The chief priests set into motion events that God had willed and thus by one beloved son become man, changed the world. God bless these United States of America and God save us from repeating the sins done by others long before us.

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