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Relieving Denver dry skin naturally

Staying hydrated is one of the best natural cures for dry skin.
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Denver's sun, wind and dry climate are a triple threat to sensitive skin. Seeking a more natural remedy for dry skin relief? Some commercial skin care products contain harmful chemicals along with helpful ingredients. These chemicals irritate skin and promote dryness. Why not try one of these gentle remedies instead?


The leading cause of dry skin here is dehydration. Remedy this situation by drinking plenty of H20. Sports drinks are full of dehydrating sugar and chemicals. For natural calorie free flavored water, simply add a slice of lemon and shake it up. Lemon is a natural detox cleanser as well.

Olive oil and lavender

Olive oil is a wonderful natural remedy for dry skin. Lavender prevents the Denver sun baked skin from wrinkles. Try ½ cup olive oil and 6 drops lavender essential oil. Rub on face and body while still wet from the shower to retain moisture. Pat dry.

Oatmeal and milk bath bag

There are times when the dry southwestern wind leaves skin so chapped that natural remedy oils actually cause pain. Soaking in an bath soothes dry skin and leaves it ready for painless natural skin relief application. Just wrap a chamomile tea bag, ½ cup of rolled oats and ¼ cup of powdered milk in cheesecloth. Add this remedy to the bath. Soak that Denver dry skin away.

Warm coconut oil treatment for gardeners

Gardening is always rough on the hands. Denver gardeners may have an especially hard time due to the intense and unforgiving elements. The heavy clay content of Denver soil sucks the moisture right out of hands. Try warming ¼ cup coconut oil. Apply liberally to hands. Place plastic gloves over hands for a deep conditioning remedy. Leave on 10 minutes. Remove and rinse.

Avocado face mask

Denver has unforgiving dry wind that combines with the sun to dry out the face. I remember coming here from N.Y. and meeting people who were astounded by my age. The natural moisture in the N.Y. atmosphere had protected my face. Meanwhile, my friend's skin was shriveling up like a prune. Avocado can be mashed and applied directly to the face as a remedy to hydrate skin.

Gentle dry skin sugar scrub

This exfoliating scrub will remove that scaly Denver dry skin without damage or pain. This works great on smooth areas like legs. I use it as an eczema remedy. Simply mix 1 cup brown sugar with ½ cup olive oil. Rub on rough dry skin to remove old skin and moisturize the new.

This article was previously published on Yahoo! By this author.

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