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Relief Riders International brings in some new Programs for the 2014/2015 year

Excitement in Voluntourism, helping others
Excitement in Voluntourism, helping others
Relief Riders International

“Relief Riders International is an award-winning leader in voluntourism which combines the thrill of an adventure to remote locations on horseback with the satisfaction of participating in a profound and unique experience that truly touches the lives of those you visit.”

Relief Riders International
Relief Riders International

RRI newsletter

“Relief Riders International offers an exhilarating journey, the chance to use your skills, enthusiasm and experience to promote positive change”

Alexander Souri RRI director

In a newsletter, published August 6, 2014, Relief Riders International mentions The Sanitation program, a program designed to encourage and help children develop and learn proper sanitation and hygiene habits which may promote better overall health in their habits.

Not having access to proper hygiene may lead to chronic diarrhea among other health issues which significantly impact the health of children growing up in the rural parts of India as well as dehydration which may affect a child’s potential survival.
Relief Riders has initiated a “school sanitation program” for their October 2014 Pushkar Relief Ride. Please contact Relief Riders International on obtaining a spot in their many rides coming up in the next few months. The website is available at, email or telephone at (413) 329-5876.

As you become acquainted with your new surroundings in the desert during your ride, you may become quite immersed within the culture of India while enjoying an intense experience on horseback for the fifteen day excursion into the desert and perhaps learn more about yourself and what you are capable of.

Relief Riders International shows a tremendous commitment to helping the residents of India, and the spirit of their commitment may be seen in these statistics;

“Relief Riders International treats an average of 2500 people on each desert expedition. This includes treating between 300 and 600 people at each general medical camp, screening and providing general treatment for 575 people at our mobile eye surgery camp, with approximately 100 of those people receiving free eye surgery, and visiting an average of three to six schools, usually reaching 1200 children. We provide an average of 65 families with goats on each expedition. To date, Relief Riders International and its guests have provided aid to over 17,000 people.”

Sometimes the greatest gift you can offer yourself is a chance and a challenge to help others in the work you do. It can literally change you into a different person, be a part of encouraging change, and do it as a way to help yourself and set an amazing example for others along the way.