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Reliable, Affordable and Responsive IT Services right in Your Backyard?

Switchfast Technologies - Your IT Solution Specialist
Switchfast Technologies - Your IT Solution Specialist

Switchfast offers IT solutions that meet your needs while taking care of your business. The company offers a wide range of services including IT support, IT consulting, VoIP and Telecom, web design, SEO, and software solutions. There’s not much a small business owner could need that isn’t covered by this Chicago-based company.

Switchfast continues to grow despite the economy. In fact, they have been listed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing the past three years and they have a 99% client retention rate. This is one company that can help make the difficult task of finding an IT solution that meets the needs and budget of a small business owner easier.

Many small business owners can easily become overwhelmed by the number of IT companies out there as they search for a company that will care as much about their needs as they do. Switchfast can make help small business owners understand their needs and options.

Here are a few additional thoughts on what to consider when looking for an IT company:

First, see if the company offers the services you need. It is also good if the company offers additional services in case your needs change.

Second, speak to a representative of the company, or two or three. Call at different times of the day to see if someone answers and make the time to get to know who you will be working with. Make sure you are comfortable discussing your business and your needs as the company you choose will be a critical element to supporting you.

Third, look at their client list or ask for a referral to a couple of their customers. See what others who have worked with them have to say. And, don’t be scared to ask the tough questions such as: how do they respond to complaints? Or, what is your experience with them during a crisis such as a server crashing?

And finally, look at the company’s history. New companies are great and should not be written off, but there is something to be said for stability.


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