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Releasing the negative

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Releasing the negative can be about anything in your life that is destroying it, or making it less than pleasurable in any way. Be it people in your life like your friends, relationship, co-workers, places, or things. People tend to hold on to these people and things far too long then they should because they worry they will end up being alone. That is so not true!

When you release the bad, you are letting good come in your life. Be it new friends or new relationships or even a new job.

Who wants to spend their life with toxic, selfish, negative people in their lives making them miserable? You will thank yourself in the end when you get rid of these people who just drain your energy.

You know who I am talking about. Those people that you always feel bad around. Those that seem like they don't care, or you're putting in all the effort by sustaining the friendship or relationship, the ones you call, but never call you to see how your doing, the ones who are only there to party, but never around for anything else. Those who are jealous, selfish and make everything about themselves. Get rid of them! I promise new and better people will come along who actually do care about you, who do call, who don't try and put you down out of jealousy or spite. Those who give a damn about you and not just themselves.

I wasted time having these people in my life for too long. So I cut them out. And I am so much more happier for it. These people were just unnecessary drama in my life. Pretty soon new people showed up who were much more healthier and helped me be on a better life path for myself.

Just think of those people as life lessons that you had to learn to get to someplace new. When you have outgrown them, you'll know and you will be much more happier and have your freedom and confidence back.

For more information read Toxic Friends/True Friends: How Your Friends Can Make or Break Your Health, Happiness, Family, and Career by Florence Isaacs.

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