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Release your faith

God's canvas
God's canvas
Christina Grace

Have you ever noticed people who seem to be lucky? What is it about them that make them so lucky? Is there a magic potion they drink? Do they practice positive daily affirmations? During spring break 2014 we were in Reno, Nevada and luck appeared to be everywhere as people gambled and won monetary possessions. I kept hearing how lucky those winners felt as I spoke to them. Well when we think about luck one thing is for certain, luck is short lived and ends! Imagine how different life would be if you could tap into unlimited blessings instead of just luck! Spiritually speaking this is possible through God. God wants you to release your faith so He can step in and bless you!

I believe spiritually speaking that those people who seem to be constantly lucky are actually blessed! I do not believe in luck, I believe in God’s blessings because His blessings are eternal and unlimited! God gave us power and authority to speak good things into our lives no matter what anyone else may say about you. You can take authority by releasing unlimited blessings into your life today! You have authority and power regardless of what others say and do. You have the spiritual authority to rise above their actions and words. (Job 22:28). God wants you to be blessed and now you can be!

You must release your faith if it is going to change the circumstances that may be affecting you negatively. We have all been around others who try to block blessings and speak death over your plans to forge a better life. My teenage daughters would refer to those as, "the haters" do not receive it! God has not only given us dominion over our lives (the power and the authority to govern and control) but He has also commissioned us to subdue (to bring low and utterly defeat) those things that are not in agreement with His will for you. (Genesis 1:26-28). God wants to bless you with unlimited blessings so now you can tap into His gifts! As always stay blessed and in His favor!

A prayer for my parents, by Christina Grace

Another winter has passed and I am still missing your presence mom and dad. Time ticks away and passes so quickly, yet I can still hear your laughter and voices...

Thank you Father God for giving me such awesome earthly parents, allowing me to never forget what they taught me. I am a better parent, sibling, and friend because of their values and love. I thank you Jesus for improving all those qualities in me through your word and common sense. I pray that mom and dad’s sprits are where you want them to be, and not where they think they need to be. I thank you for the knowledge that heaven is real and that they are with you, and with other family members who passed on before them. I thank you for truth and that you reveal yourself to me, and my family. I know that as soon as I pray you answer me by giving me your strength and internal peace that only you can supply. I appreciate and love everything about you Lord, I thank you that you are my healer Jehovah Rapha and that you will continue to bless me, my family, and friends with abundant life in health, finance, and relationship. In Jesus name, Amen!

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