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Release of minimal UFO info leaves humanity in the dark - part 1

Lufthansa flight attendants wear a UFO strike batch during a demonstration aimed at getting a pay increase at Rhein-Main Airport in August 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Lufthansa flight attendants wear a UFO strike batch during a demonstration aimed at getting a pay increase at Rhein-Main Airport in August 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

Recently, alien abductee and UFO experiencer, Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario noted that finding information on sightings in Canada had become very difficult.

He is right. After the government stopped taking reports, the job fell to Chris Rutkowski, who writes a blog on UFOs. Although there are links to various dates on the site, some lead to nowhere and those that do consist primarily of old UFO sightings and comments on current UFO news.

“He does not post data of ongoing sightings,” Shishis noted. I sent him a couple of emails in the past but got no response.”

To find information on UFOs in Canada, one has to reference The Canadian UFO Survey, the last of which covered 2013. However, there are no actual sightings included in the report. Rather it only provides data and tables that summarize UFO activity for that year.

“Canada needs a central network of UFO reports,” said Shishis.

In the United States, the central agency for UFO reporting is the Mutual UFO Network, which has locations across the country. According to David MacDonald, the current executive director of MUFON, people can contact this group and get help from investigators who will respond to their request, as well as link folks up with professionals who can help them cope with the aftermath of their experiences.

However, even MUFON provides no specific information on UFO sightings other than miscellaneous reports that are posted through its UFO Stalker map. Now under the control of Bob Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, there are strict controls over who gets to access what information.

It appears that Canada has systems in place that keeps the most vital information on UFOs out of the public’s eye. Canada did release some UFO sightings from the past in February 2009. This release included 9,500 documents covering UFO related events from 1947 to the early 80’s. These can be found at the Library and Archive Canada site HERE.

The problem with the search system for this extensive database, however, makes it nearly impossible to find anything specific other than a half dozen old sighting. When attempting to search, one has to know the document title and date, as well as the sighting date and location. If one chooses to search via the group that took the report, such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Department of National Defence, this information is not fully provided. In fact, most do not give a date of either the sighting or document, which makes it impossible to find out anything.

From 1959 to 1960, Canada made an agreement with the United States to begin a “joint reporting system of UFOs called the Cirvis/Merint system. The purpose of this joint effort was to “extend the early warning coverage for the defence of North America… and to extend the reporting of vital intelligence during peacetime.” If any objects in the air or water were deemed to be hostile or acting suspiciously, they were to be reported immediately. Take a look at the poster that was created, which includes not just missles, airplanes and submarines, but also UFOs HERE.

A number of other government around the world, including the Britain, New Zealand, Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, France and more. In the U.S., the National Security Agency (NSA) released it database of UFO-related incidents in 2011 through its Vault, which can be found HERE. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also release documents related to UFOs in 2011, which can be found HERE. When searching these systems, however, one will find that some vital information has been blacked out.

As far back as 1979, the NSA warned that the presence of UFOs needed to taken seriously. In an article entitle Govt.’s Super-Secret Security Agency Warns: Take UFOs Seriously or Be Prepared for Sneak Invasion by Space Aliens, it cites a 1968 NSA document stating, “If American doesn’t start taking the sightings seriously, we are leaving ourselves wide open to the possibility of a Pearl Harbor-type UFO Invasion! The very fact that UFO phenomena have been witnessed all over the world from ancient times, and by considerable numbers of reputable scientists in recent times, now indicates rather strongly that UFOs are not all hoaxes…”

The question one is left with is whether the U.S. government took the NSA’s report seriously and if so, what have they done about it? Since the government refuses to talk about this issue, we can only speculate what the answers might be. All U.S. citizens have a right to know what actions are or are not being taken to protect them.

If it were not for the NSA and FBI releases (which likely still keeps many important UFO-related incidents under tight security), as well as those from other countries and more locally, such groups as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) that maintains a data bank of sightings and, as well as a host of different general UFO information sites, the public would know very little about the UFO phenomenon.

Despite what appears on the surface to be genuine efforts to inform the public on the UFO and alien situation, it is painfully obvious that only tiny droplets of truth have and continue to be leaked through various sources from time to time. The majority of people still do not know the entire truth on this phenomenon and most certainly have no idea as the whether UFOs and/or aliens pose any kind of threat to humanity.

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