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Release 2013 to create a better you

Be sure to release your bad habits before moving on to 2014
Be sure to release your bad habits before moving on to 2014
Original Art by Thomas Kinkade

New Year’s Eve is the night of transition. A symbolic gateway from the past to the future, people often use this night as a catalyst for change.

Everyone has work that can be done on both the inside and outside of themselves. Recognition of this need is step one. By bringing the Divine into this process, however, you will be able illuminate your experience in a way which allows your life’s true meaning to shine through.

Gateways are a time of reflection and contemplation. The pause, the space between the past and future, is a place of non-action. This is the place where we confront what we hide from ourselves.

In order to move forward, your hidden motives and desires must be exposed and examined. This step needs to take place if correct action on your part is to be undertaken in the future. If you skip looking into your shadow-self, you will be repeating past mistakes all over again.

Hasty decisions or decisions made during times of fear often cause regrets. It is at these times it is more probable for a person to act out of weakness. By deceiving yourself about your true motives you end up creating different problems, often more severe than the one you were attempting to resolve in the first place.

This is why coming clean with yourself is so important.

Visualize yourself on a hilltop standing at a garden gate. The upcoming year lies out below and before you; the past year lies down the path to the rear. Prior to stepping through this gateway, you will need to take a look behind you.

Take a momentary pause and review the past year. There were joys and there were sorrows, all were meant to be learning experiences for your soul. Everything that took place was a piece of the path that brought you to where you are right now.

Observe it all closely. Bless it all, and then release it. By letting go of the past you reclaim your power in the present.

Remember the upcoming year depends on the quality of your demeanor, the clarity of your intentions, and the steadfastness of your will. Temper your impulses and give thought to correct action. Be still once in a while. Take time to collect yourself and your thoughts. Always look for guidance to come from the Will of Heaven.

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