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Relaxing Tenth Ave filling up

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Down on the street on Tenth Avenue in the East Village locals can find unique clothes at a boutique shop. They can also see, on the west side, between Island Avenue and J Street, a construction team at work on adding room to live near Petco Park.

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Townhomes fit right in on the block. The westside will now match the eastside, and, the surrounding blocks apartment rows stand in towers. The face of the East Village is still hanging.

Windows will line up in the fronts now only wood frames. Open views make downtown village life fascinating.

Decades spent weeding out the old run down buildings beat neighborhood troubles, and, made the East Village a place to settle in, and relax. San Diegans enjoy the opportunity to take townhome offers.

The homes that join the block rows on the Tenth Avenue westside will add to the rooms count near a village employment center. The Cox building. Taking a share of East Village property is not a bargain plan. Life there is unique, not low in profitable work.

Mid-block, the wood posts stand up the latest living shelters n the village. Four stories high. Lumber stacked on the street level Tuesday stood ready for the workers building out the westside living turf.

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