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Relax with Reiki

Life force energy healing
Life force energy healing
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Reiki, a Japanese technique that is used to reduce stress while promoting relaxation and healing, is becoming a popular tool in mainstream medicine. Once offered primarily by holistic healers and alternative practitioners, the benefits of Reiki are becoming widely recognized in Western Medicine. Conventional doctors have incorporated Reiki treatments into their treatment plans, and Reiki is offered in private practices, hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes and hospice programs. Physicians offer Reiki treatments to patients in an effort to reduce stress, speed healing, alleviate pain thereby decreasing the need for pain medication, improve appetite and reduce the side effects of drugs, radiation and chemotherapy treatments (Reiki 1).

Reiki is governed by the principle that a life force energy, Ki, flows through our bodies. When there is an imbalance in our Ki, our body exeperiences illness, decreased energy, loss of appetite, etc. The energy flows in all living things...people, animals, plants, etc. The levels of Ki in our bodies fluctuate based on an individual's thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts are believed to decrease the amount of Ki in the body by creating blockages that restrict the energy flow. Positive thoughts are believed to ellicit a positive energy flow that helps to clear blockages and results in overall well being. Skeptical? Western medical literature clearly states that there is a powerful connection between the mind and the body. Most conventional doctors blame  stress and negative thoughts for the development of many diseases in our society today. Mind over matter is a common health mantra recited by health care practitioners from all walks of life.

Reiki is performed by a spiritual healer, who "lays hands" over the body to influence positive thoughts and emotions. By manipulating your Ki energy, the healer will clear blockages and eliminate energy stagnations within the body. After a session is completed, many people express feelings of calm and happiness, increased energy, overall relaxation and positive emotions.

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