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Relax Into Weight Loss

Relaxation is the key to lasting weight loss
Relaxation is the key to lasting weight loss

Typical weight loss regimes involve pushing, forcing and shoving your way to success, coupled with denying yourself pleasure from food along with your natural instinct to slow down. As a culture, we tend to seek out low calorie diets, or the latest fad, vowing each time will be different, and punish ourselves at the gym as payback for our indulgences because for so many, enjoying food is a crime.

Where and how have we gotten so off course around the issue of weight loss? Since when should we torture ourselves in an effort to maintain our vanity and our health? Of course we all want to look our best, but are militaristic approaches really the answer we’re all looking for?

So many of us have relied on these approaches in the past, but some have fortunately come to a whole new level of understanding around weight loss. 1 that's stress-free. Submissive. More natural and organic. Many women now realize that being in the Divine Feminine and allowing their bodies to course correct on their own, without interference or misguided direction imposed upon them by mainstream media, works much better.

The path to natural weight loss doesn’t involve shakes, meal plans or chemicalized, pre-packaged food. It doesn’t demand strenuous exercise that induces more stress on your body that outweighs any benefit you may be procuring at the time. And it certainly doesn’t require you to deny yourself the innate pleasure of food.

What it does require is relaxation. Letting go of the intense desire to lose weight altogether, and learning to slow down in all ways. Chewing. Trusting more. Developing healthy boundaries and learning to say no when appropriate.

However,1 of the biggest keys to losing weight naturally is that you’ve got to own it. You’ve got to stop trying to fight it and claim it as yours. Your own personal power and potential energy that once released will invoke magnitudes of creativity and imagination on levels you never thought possible.

As women, it’s not natural to employ masculine strategies to weight loss that involve weighing and measuring food, counting calories, and militant exercise. How you express your feminine polarity strongly effects how you calorie burn. There’s a certain soul place for men and women that has the matching polarity and when men are expressing their masculine there is more of a sense of flow and the same applies to women.

When you express who you are your body naturally starts to shape shift, so it’s about so much more than just food. Until you let go of the notion that weight loss is just about food and exercise, you won’t change.

Slowing down and relaxing into weight loss is a new concept for most people, and takes time to take root, but it’s totally available with the right support and coaching. At Wellness With Angela, our clients experience an average 10-15 pound weight loss in our 1-on-1 Reshape Your System Coaching Program. Plus, they report miracles around relationships, cash flow, and tremendous soul victories that they’re not able to access on their own.

If you’d like to learn more about how our coaching programs can support you in 2011, contact us at for a complimentary 20-Minute Natural Weight Release Discovery Session.


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