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Relatives of Pope die in car crash

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Tragically, three of the Pope's relatives were killed today in a car accident.

Relatives of Pope die in car crash in Argentina
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

KTVU in San Francisco reports that three of Pope Francis relatives were killed while a fourth one remains in critical condition. The accident happened on a freeway in Argentina, announced the Vatican.

The car was a small one and it was transporting the Pope's nephew as well as his wife and their two children when it hit the back of a truck. The two children were ages 2 and 8 months old and they died on impact.

According to KTVU in San Francisco:

"Photos showed the passenger side of the car smashed and crumpled beneath the cargo truck.

Emanuel Bergoglio, the 38-year-old son of a brother of Pope Francis, was hospitalized. He suffered extensive injuries and his condition was not considered stable, said Ignacio Bruno, an assistant director of the hospital in the town of Villa Maria, to Todo Noticias television.

The man's 36-year-old wife, Valeria Carmona, and two children, Jose and Antonio, died before reaching the hospital, Bruno said."

The family had been on holiday over the weekend and were just coming back from that vacation. The fatal accident took place between two large cities, Rosario and Cordoba.

"It's a horrific accident and I can't begin to say how the whole family and the Pope himself must be feeling" says San Francisco resident, John Darwin.

The driver of the truck is said not to have been injured, report KTVU Channel 2 News, who also reports that the Vatican made the following statement about the incident:

"The Pope was informed about the tragic accident. He is deeply pained."

The statement also asks for prayer: "The pope asks all who share in his grief to unite with him in prayer."

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Source: KTVU

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