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Relationships have changed as a result of the economy

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Have you been laid off from your job in the past five years?

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If not, do you know someone who has?

As a result of being laid off a lot of relationships have been put through the test. There are some individuals that have been laid off from jobs they have been on for years. Others are still on jobs with their hours being cut depending on the needs of their company. With money now becoming a factor individuals have learned how to live on much less. They have also had to re evaluate their needs and their wants and focus on what's important, surviving.

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In order to survive individuals have had to get a job where ever they can. In some cases the jobs available have been part time. Currently there are 7.4 million Americans forced to work part time. For some having several part time jobs is the only way to make ends meet.

Over the past few years these changes have definitely put couples in a position to really see what their relationship is made of. They have also been able to see who they are really in a relationship with. During this time some couples have broken up, some couples have stayed together and some couples are in limbo today still trying decide if they are going to stay together or leave their current situation and move on.

In the end it's all about what's important to you. Is the change of loosing your job, loosing your house, loosing your brand new car or in some cases cars, going through most if not all of your savings and having to start over worth the strain of taking it out on your relationship? If it is then maybe the down fall of the economy was just a mask for a bigger issue in your relationship. At this point you might want to ask yourself, "What was the foundation of my relationship based upon?"

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