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Relationships 101: Gabrielle Union Dwayne Wade's Cheating Is Not Your FAULT!

Recently Gabrielle Union gave an exclusive interview with Glamour magazine where she accepts the blame for her fiancé Dwayne Wade's indiscretion regarding his recent love child that he conceived while they were on a break.

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

Yeah, I guess you wonder why this upsets me so. It upsets me because I have been cheated on in my relationships and I don’t blame myself for one damn thing! Break up or no break up.

Why is it that we continue to see and hear successful, beautiful, and outwardly strong women like Gabrielle Union who are willing to accept blame?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad at her if she is choosing to forgive him and move on, but why accept the blame?
That mindset and concept boggles my mind. Simply because if she had conceived a child while they were on this ‘break’, it is more than likely she would not be engaged.

Look, we all know that women cheat just as much as men do as studies show that more than 50% of married men and women ( admit to cheating and even more would cheat if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.

This is not to castigate Gabrielle Union in any way for her decision to remain affianced to Dwayne Wade. It’s more of a statement to her that his cheating had nothing to do with her or their situation, rather it had more to do with him and who he is not.

Cheating is NEVER your fault!

Saundra aka SassyScribe

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