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Relationship sense and sensibility

If only there was more time. Unfortunately, time has never been on your side. There was once a period in your life when the future seemed endless, and all you ever dreamed about was simply a function of time and opportunity. Nothing more. No one person could convince you any differently. But as you know all too well, the future has quickly become your present and past. How could this be? Where did adolescence go? Better yet, where has optimism gone? Could it have dissipated in such a way that you never noticed its transformation into a fleeting memory? The world is obsessed with convincing you that your dreams and desires are unrealistic. The world tells you that if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. The world desperately attempts to convince you that because many have fallen to a similar fate, you should brace yourself for a series of unfortunate events. The truth is, no one person has ever truly understood the secret partitions of your heart, and the desire to see them fulfilled.

The truth is, hiding deep inside the most secluded and reserved parts of your being, there is a fire that burns, unable to be extinguished by reason alone. The truth is, your desire for "forever" is unlike anything the world has ever seen. The things you would be willing to do to see your dreams fulfilled borders insanity. You are an animal, devoid of sense and sensibility. Primal instincts rule over all others, and you know if you can hold out just a little while longer, time and opportunity will prevail. It has too. Your existence depends on it...

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