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Relationship remedy - How to create your perfect romantic love relationship

Special Radio Interview about Healing and Relationships
Special Radio Interview about Healing and Relationships
Jonathan Lederman

Would you like to find the perfect partner and create your ideal and perfect romantic love relationship now? What is stopping you from finding Mr. or Mrs. Right? And what happens when you do meet someone who seems to match your desired criteria? Do your relationships start out wonderful and then die quickly? Does your ideal person shower you with attention for a short period of time and then disappear?

Love makes the world go 'round. Love provides the greatest joy and the most painful sorrow in life. Seeking to find love is often a full time job filled with excitement, insecurity, disappointment and downright rejection. Is there a simple cure for relationship problems and is there a proven way to find the right partner for you?

Loving is an act of courage. Most of us expect others to love us and eagerly satisfy our wants and desires. However, we don't realize that these others want the same thing from us. So many of us are happy to receive, we want and expect to receive love but we are not so eager to continually give love. Loving requires a lot from us. Sometimes we have to forgo our own needs to satisfy the more pressing needs of someone we care about. Sometimes we have to take a stand, "tough love," in order to help another person to learn life lessons and grow up - or - to shield our own self from undue emotional pain and even danger.

So, if you are single, how do you go about finding the relationship YOU have always wanted? If you are currently in a committed relationship, how do you help that relationship to get better and better instead of routine and unsatisfying? What is the secret to making every relationship the very best it can be.

  • Become the best YOU that you can be
  • Find the best partner for you
  • Discover how the world works, how love happens and how relationships evolve.

Remember always that love is a gift. Love is not an expected commodity, it is not something you are entitled to receive, and it must be cultivated moment to moment. Love is a choice and a decision, an art and a science, a chemical and energetic state, and an ongoing, changing event.

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Are you ready to heal your relationships through discovering the love within you?

Join Jonathan Lederman and Dr. Erica Goodstone on Monday, April 8, 2013.

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Call in Number: 1-347-857-1896


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