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Relationship Relocation Reconsideration

Romances, even those that seem the smoothest at the surface often have battled and triumphed over their fair share of roadblocks and speed bumps. One such obstacle you may find in your current or your next relationship could come when either you or her hit the road. Literally. Relocating can put a chokehold on a romance, but before breaking it off, here’s some factors that should help you find the best future for your relationship.

How far apart will you be after the move?
Distance is the biggest weighing factor when you or your girl goes to an out of town residence. It will be much easier to keep your relationship together if she moves to say Pittsburgh, a four hour drive, versus Phoenix, a four hour flight.

Do you each have adequate transportation to see each other?
After distance, having accessibility to each other the second most important issue to consider when the points on a map between you grow apart. Typically if you’re within driving distance, it’s often much easier to maintain a long distance relationship, where as living on opposite coasts can cost just more than the price of round trip airfare on your romance.

Where is the new residence?
The new region where you or your girlfriend is moving to takes a very important stake in the survival and success of your union. A region such as Las Vegas, or the lure of many large urban settings may lure just more the urge to physically move. It could make you or her consider moving into a new romance.

How long have you two been together?
The length of time you’ve been in a romance also carries weight in the decision to date each other or others upon moving away. The longer you’ve been together, or if a proposal for marriage is planted just ahead, it will make you two more likely to remain a couple despite the relocation.

Regardless of whether you’re being transferred to fulfill employment obligations, or she’s moving for family reasons, it’s important to consider these circumstances to ensure that you both make the decision that’s mutually beneficial for both. It may prevent your romance from breaking down, and ensure that it endures each and every roadblock on its future roadtrips.


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