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Relationship psychology tip: Mirror your partner during arguments

Arguments are part of any healthy dating relationship or marriage. How you get through these arguments can make or break the bond you share with your partner.

Arguments can be productive if you mirror healthy body language.
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A study discussed by Medical Daily on March 17 discusses how eye contact and mirroring your partner’s body language during an argument can actually diffuse any anger taking place during the argument.

Author Chris Weller comments: “A raft of studies have found that mirroring techniques — copying a person’s body language, and even their speech patterns if you’re crafty enough — foster feelings of rapport and comfort.”

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In other words, when someone is speaking to you softly and you are angry, try to get to their level. It will help bring you down from your anger and hopefully make things more amicable in the long-run.

At the same time, if you are arguing with someone who is yelling at you, don’t try yelling back at them. Again, try keeping your voice at a respectable, calm level and eventually the person may mirror your behaviors.
This also includes your body language. If someone comes at you in an angry, hostile tone, yelling at you in your face, taking a step back, perhaps even sitting down, can help once again diffuse the situation.

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How have you handled heated arguments before? Do you think this mirroring technique can help you in a future disagreement?

Source: Medical Daily

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