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Relationship problems a good infidelity reference book can help you solve

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A good infidelity reference book is the one of the best investments you can make in your marriage or relationship – regardless of whether or not you have a cheating mate.

Male or female, married, single, divorced, dating, engaged, or between relationships, if you find yourself in one of the situations below, a good infidelity reference book can help:

  • You want to avoid the hurt, humiliation, and heartbreak of being the last to know.
  • You think your partner might be cheating and want to know for sure, or get solid proof.
  • You already know your spouse or significant other is cheating and you want to get solid proof
  • You’re trying to reconcile with a cheating mate and want to make sure they’re not still seeing their affair partner behind your back.
  • You’ve heard rumors that your mate is cheating and want to prove that the rumors are false.
  • You've been cheated on before and want to know the signs of impending infidelity, so you can make sure it won't happen again.
  • You’re a single person who’s dating and want to be familiar with the signs of a cheating mate.
  • You’re a man who suspects his wife or girlfriend of cheating and want to know the signs.
  • You want to know the signs of infidelity so you can safeguard your relationship and protect yourself from the legal, financial, emotional, and sexual damage infidelity can cause.
  • You suspect infidelity, but don’t want to spend a fortune on private investigators or invest in fancy surveillance equipment.
  • You want an easy, affordable, and accurate way to catch your cheating mate.
  • You want a discreet way to check on your spouse or significant other with them knowing what you’re doing.
  • You want to prove your partner is NOT cheating, so you can set your mind at ease and avoid falsely accusing an innocent mate.
  • You have a friend or relative who’s being cheated on, and you don't want to be the bearer of bad news – give them a good infidelity reference book, so they can find out on their own.
  • You don’t want to sit back and be a helpless victim of infidelity.

In every one of the situations above, knowing what to look for is the key, and a good infidelity reference book like Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs can be a valuable resource. The e-book version is available from for $37.

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