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Relationship marketing with the Kansas City Royals and BATS Exchange

The Royals announced a new sponsor of the Crown Club at Kauffman Stadium yesterday, BATS Exchange. BATS Exchange is a Lenexa-based company and the third largest stock exchange operator in the world.

As part of BATS' sponsorship, a new exhibit showcasing a timeline of major financial and baseball events will be added to the lobby area of the Crown Club. BATS branding will also be showcased inside the club and around the Crown Seats. They are also introducing the BATS 1000 Program which entails making a $500 donation to the Habitat for Humanity every time a player bats 1.000 in two or more at-bats during a game.

This new partnership is part of a long list of local businesses supported by the Royals in their relationship marketing. But if you don't have a king-sized budget, there are other ways you can capitalize on partnerships to expand your visibility to consumers.

If you are a florist, approach catering businesses about partnering to promote each other's services to brides. If you have a bike shop, approach local biking clubs about offering discounts on products or repairs to club members in exchange for your logo placement on their t-shirts and web site. 

Or take another cue from BATS Exchange and find a charity you would like to support. Cause-related marketing can increase your brand awareness, communicate your company's values, and connect with potential new customers through the charity's outreach programs. 

Relationship marketing can be an affordable, mutually beneficial addition to your regular marketing efforts. Get creative in finding another organization that shares your interests and multiply your brand's exposure with a partnership or sponsorship opportunity.

Contact Brand New Concept Marketing today for help in finding partnership opportunities and developing a dual marketing plan.

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