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Relationship details surfacing on hot car death parents Leanna & Justin Harris

The hot car death case of 22-month-old Cooper Harris is one that has rocked the nation. Sadly it is not the only hot car death case happening in North America right now. Along with every headline about the sordid details that happened on the day Cooper Harris died, there is another story about how common this tragic death is, and where it has happened somewhere else. Not every case is grabbing the nation's attention, and the relationships in this case are the key reason for that. Every day the information that surfaces appears to be "bad enough", but by the looks of it, the amount of information that will detail the many twisted relationships occurring behind the scenes of the Cooper Harris hot car death has only just begun. It was June 18 when Justin Ross Harris claims to have accidentally left his son in the car when he went to work. He is now facing felony murder charges as information comes to light suggesting his state of mind on the day in question may have been in the place of premeditated murder. USA Today reports on July 9 that today the mother of the victim Cooper Harris attempted to visit her husband Justin Ross Harris at the Cobb County Jail this morning. While Leanna Harris was at the Cobb County Jail this morning, some additional information about her husband and his alleged "double life" was being reported by CNN.

Justin Ross Harris faces felony murder in the hot car death of his 22-month-old son Cooper Harris.
Cobb County Sheriff's Office

USA Today reports that Leanna Harris made an attempt to visit Justin Ross Harris at the Cobb County Jail this morning at 8 AM. Leanna arrived with another woman and was in the jail facilities for 36 minutes according to USA Today. Cobb County Jail visiting requirements according to USA Today are that a fingerprint and photograph are required for visitation purposes.

Leanna Harris did not speak to any of the media when she came out of the jail, and reportedly "placed her heads in her hands, seemingly upset" when the car she was in drove away. It is the first sign of emotion that many have seen of the grieving mother.

The matter of "affect" has been a hot point of contention for those following this tragic story. Does it or does it not matter how the couple in the relationship at the center of this investigation are "reacting" to this tragic event in their lives?

Many will argue that yes, state of mind speaks to premeditation and is very important. At this time, Leanna Harris has not been charged in connection with the death of Cooper Harris. Nonetheless, according to Global News July 9, while the police have not actually used the term "person of interest" in reference to Leanna Harris, Cobb County Office Mike Bowman told Global News,

"She's been interviewed and the case is very active and fluid and we have not finished it as of this point."

The stoic reactions may or may not matter when it comes to Justin's day in court, Leanna Harris is not facing charges at this time, though the speculations are rampant. A very common speculation about Leanna Harris is that she has not been charged because the police don't have anything to connect her to the death of her 22-month-old son, yet.

The answers that come from the computer forensics analysis, including the answers to who searched for what and when on their home computers, are very important evidence law enforcement is looking at right now. Not just about Leanna, but about Justin Ross Harris's alleged double life.

Some additional details about Justin's alleged double life have come forward today, and they add another sordid element regarding relationships. CNN reports that an online profile that belongs to Justin Ross Harris has been via a social media network site named Skout, a site that can be used via smartphone app or computer.

CNN has found someone with the exact "likelihood" of Justin Ross Harris as the owner of an online profile on the Skout application. The handle on the online profile was listed as "RJ" and in the About section, "RJ" had written, "Just looking to talk, message me, I'm harmless."

Justin Ross Harris awaits a grand jury hearing on the charges of cruelty to children and felony murder. He has been denied bond.

Some people believe Justin Ross Harris is solely responsible for the death of his child. Some believe that Leanna played a role, others have even speculated that she has masterminded the whole thing. A common speculation is also that Justin Ross Harris and Leanna Harris both planned and premeditated this tragedy, and believe the Internet forensics will reveal all of the answers in time.

What do you believe? Do you think Justin's bizarre relationship methods speak to the state of mind of a premeditated murderer?

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