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Relationship blind spot’s with addiction

Many people in America are all too familiar with addictions. There can be addictions from a substance ingested like alcohol or drugs. Next, Process addictions can occur from one becoming addicted to a behavior, action or a process.Process addictions can vary from porn, sex, work holism, money, shopping, gambling, exercise, Internet, food to eating disorders.

Regardless of the addiction it will have profound effects on the addict as well as the family.Often times people who grew up in addicted families are oblivious too many of the warning signs. One might recognize a drunk loved one or track marks but miss the warning signs of a Process addiction. While being so used to experiencing isolation, emotional unavailability and loneliness that process addictions go unnoticed.

Process addictions can be every bit as devastating to the family. They are not as easy to spot and often no one notices until it has gotten far out of hand. In addition, there is a lack of adequate assessment testing to diagnose process addictions. The education and research has not caught up with the diagnosing of process addictions.

If your mate has a process addiction she is not emotionally available for an actual relationship. Symptoms of isolation, poor personal care, irritability, moodiness, legal issues, changes in sleeping or eating habits, and diminished social and financial responsibilities could all surface.

The problem with treating a Process addiction is that the compulsive behavior cannot always be eliminated altogether. Example, Tom has a bad sex addiction. Even after going through intense therapy he will not give up having sex the rest of his life. Tom also does not see consequences of his sex addiction. He is limited in concrete thinking and cannot think ahead of the STD’s he might bring home to his wife.

Tom might progress to more dangerous situations like sleeping with prostitutes on his lunch break at work. His wife fails to notice all his ATM withdrawals. She notices something is off but just cannot put her finger on it. In addition, he uses his pay pal account since his wife does not look at money withdrawn from that account.

Tom’s wife has no idea that she is now in a high risk group for HIV, Hepatitis, Herpes, etc,. Nor does she notice all the finances being sucked out to pay for his compulsive habit.

People who have had multiple traumas often suffer from multiple addictions. The chronic compulsive act keeps them from having to feel. This can leave the other mate with an emotionally and spiritually bankrupt spouse. As the addiction progresses many others factors come into play such as health problems, financial, legal, social as well as a progressing addiction.

If something is just not right it is time to do some serious digging into the situation! Sometimes your inner voice might show up as anxiety. The anxiety is a precious warning signal that something is majorly off in your life!

Many spouses ignore that inner voice until it is too late!

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