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Relationship Advice I learned from How I Met Your Mother Finale

Monday was the finale of How I Met Your Mother. I originally started watching the TV comedy because it reminded me of The Wonder Years as it was telling an on-going story. However, nothing can beat The Wonder Years in my eyes. I had a secret crush on Kevin Arnold as a little girl and a girl crush on his sweet heart Winnie from The Wonder Years. How I Met Your Mother didn't live up to my expectations ( I didn't even cry and I barely laughed), but I did take some relationship advice from the finale.

Can I use relationship advice from How I Met Your Mother?
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Here is the relationship advice I gained from How I Met Your Mother Finale:

  1. When you're crazy in love, don't wait for your best bud to take your girl, divorce her girl and then wait until your 2nd choice dies to reunite with the love of your life.
  2. Never let your children suffer through a long story telling to ask them can you hook up with someone you've told your kids is like family.
  3. Always use the word legendary...confidence is key.
  4. Don't let 1 break up destroy a friendship of years.
  5. Remember the little things.
  6. Don't go on a 30 day sex spree with a different partner for each day...trouble is inevitable.
  7. Always take a chance at love...even in the pouring rain.
  8. Life happens. Embrace it.
  9. Never take the ones you love for granted. Life is short. Live. Love. Pray.
  10. Adapt to change.

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