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Cycle of Relationships
Cycle of Relationships

Relationships all have issues; there is no such thing as a "Perfect One". I as anyone else go through issues. It is a normal part of life. It's how you handle them that make the difference. The cliché of PERFECT is so over rated that it makes me sick to my stomach. No one or thing is absolutely perfect. Struggles with trust, respect, finances, etc are all part of the package. Working at & for the relationship is what matters the most however if it doesn't work then letting go & moving forward would be best for both parties. YES, it will hurt but "It is better to be single & smart about it than to continue to be in a wrong relationship that only hurts the both of you." The maturity of accepting the relationship to come to an end is the most respectful act of nature the both of you can give to one another.

As a writer in this field I get this question hundreds of times & find myself repeating myself over & over. It bothers me when the readers tell me "They stay together for the kid’s sake." This is an excuse not to let go. Your children will ALWAYS be your children to the both of you. Ask yourself this: Wouldn't you rather have the parent come around & continue to be a parent than to be the angry parent who fights with their spouse in front of them? It can't be both ways. Be mature about the whole matter because in the end the only one truly getting hurt are the children involved. Be respectful enough as parents to act accordingly for your children’s well being. Do not let other (new partners interfere with how the both of you handle your children).

Low & behold; the Infidelity (cheating) part. If & when this happens because (It will; when there is 90% neglect ion). How & will you handle it? I understand that this is easier said than done; trust in my words I too have been there. When you give everything you have into the relationship and there is still something missing, YES one will wander. Temptation is a B--- however there are some people who would rather walk away from the relationship & willing to risk losing it in order to move forward for whatever reason they believe they may find in the future. I highly feel this is the most respectful way to end things. Most people will disagree & say "How the hell can you say that"? Very easily. When you try your best to hold onto something that doesn't want to be tied down, they will eventually break free... Ya feel me now?

WOMEN, need to understand & love themselves before trying desperately to keep the MAN that cheated on them. IF you don't do this; they will step all over you & never have respect for you and will lie through their teeth & continue to cheat.

MEN need to understand & accept that women (OK some, well more like the majority) not only like the gifts, dinner, etc they want ROMANCE, PASSION; LOVE & COMITTMENT (yes the ring). When you cannot or will not give this to her; SHE WILL eventually find it in another whether they're looking or not.

BOTH PARTIES in the relationship must have enough respect for one another's careers, choices & whatnots. DO NOT nor should you ever ask your partner to CHANGE. You fell in love with them for a reason why demand a career change if doing whatever it is that they do makes them the happiest. HOW can any person ask you to change for them? A person changes because they want to evolve; not because someone asks or gives them an ultimatum to do so. A career change will not make that justification; well for some. (This is my opinion)

WHEN you have GIVEN IT ALL you've got & year’s later nothing has changed & one of you is NOT happy, then the person unhappy is the one with the ISSUES. SEARCH your soul, pray on clarity to see all the wrong you're doing to yourself, love yourself enough to walk away. It is better to be alone & happy than be with someone who makes you feel alone..

Learning to love you allows others to love you as well. This is the problem with relationships today. There are so many that are dependent on one another that they lose focus on the meaning of it all. Ask yourself tonight before you go to sleep (as your partner is next to you) is he or she really IN LOVE with me or do they just LOVE you & everything about you? You may just find your answer to the love of your life (right next to you) or you may end up living with your best friend growing old together because it simply works. This is time wasted for many who seek more.

Last but not least to ALL those who are still single & blaming every bad X for remaining alone. STOP IT. Do not stop caring or loving someone or changing anything about you because of one person's poor choice on not accepting you. One day you will find love; when you least expect it. There is someone for everyone in the world as long as you know how to love......

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