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Relationship advice from a 10 year old

Everyone has that point in there life where relationships become...not so simple. Here is mine.
Everyone has that point in there life where relationships become...not so simple. Here is mine.
Sarah's highschool scrap book

While I was on vacation with my boyfriend at his family reunion, I met a young man. I would guestimate his age to be around 10 years although I truthfully never asked him. His name was William and he was bored. This became painfully obvious when young William asked Will and myself if we would pass the beach ball back and forth with him in the pool.

We were the only three people occupying the pool at the time and I thought it sounded like fun. Will wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about it, but he's a good sport so he joined in. I'm not entirely certain if Will genuinely couldn't hear William when he talked or if he was just uninterested in idle chit chat with him. Either way, William and I had fun talking for a while.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of William and he asked if Will was my boyfriend or my husband. I laughed and said he was my boyfriend. William then proceeded to tell us we made a good couple and should get engaged.  Unless, of course, he's "a jerk....then you should smack him."

This sent me into uncontrollable bouts of hysterical giggling. Ah if only life were so simply. These decisions seem as if though they should be simple too, don't they? What stops two people who love each other from going all the way to the alter? What makes someone stand someone else's jerkitude? Why stay in an unhappy relationship? Why falter in a happy one?

These aren't really the questions William's statements made me ponder though. The real question that I pose to you Lexington is, when did life become so complicated? At what point will William's simple statements turn into a childhood dream for him? For me, it happened about 5 months in to my first real relationship. The simplicity of relationships went right out the door when my then-boyfriend began his carefully planned path of friendship destruction.

If you remember that point of change in your own life and feel like sharing, leave your story in a comment below or you can email it directly to me at

As a bonus, receiving relationship advice from a 10 year old made me realize just how easy this job really is. Any one can do it!


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