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Rejuvenating Mint Facial Mask

A mint mask is perfect when you need a bit more for healthy skin.

Good afternoon!

January finally reached the middle and now is the time to rejuvenate. All of the cold weather can often leave our skin feeling dry and rough. When it comes to the face, it can be more sensitive because of daily makeup applied as well as unwanted acne. The face may become extremely irritated, uncomfortable and distracting.

Whether you have acne or not, washing your face twice a day is a must. During the time of harsh weather, such as cold dry winters and hot summers, moisturizer is important as well. But what about a face mask?

Mint masks are a great option. They get down to the pores; washing away blackheads and preventing acne.The mint is cooling to the face, leaving it refreshed and soft. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is not only my favorite, but also affordable and a top rated product. I try to use it once a week.

If you don’t suffer from acne, try a clay/mud mask instead. They will soften the tense facial muscles, tighten the skin and leave the face feeling smooth. For something more exfoliating, try my DIY face scrub.

Will you give the mint mask a try? Which one is your favorite?

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