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Rejena: Friday's fashionista

With her own unique style, Rejena is the first featured Fashionista.
With her own unique style, Rejena is the first featured Fashionista.
Photo courtesy of Rejena

"I am inspired by asymmetry, functional creativity, and clothes/accessories with a sense of humour," says Rejena, this Friday's featured urban fashionista.

"Specifically, I'm inspired by images of life-like skulls; vintage pin-up women; anything red; and any objects recreated from something else."

She wasn't always this individualistic and style savvy. As a young woman, she felt the only way to look attractive to others was to follow trends by wearing what most other young women were wearing.

"To be noticed by being different wasn't on my radar at the time because I didn't think anyone would see me as 'looking good'," she explains.

Within the last eight to ten years Rejena has begun noticing local and Canadian designs and tuning into the reality of do-it-yourself fashion people designing, re-wearing and re-working attire. She discovered ways -- some simple and some not (but fun nonetheless!) -- to make and wear her own fashion pieces for comfort and function. And it's a nice bonus, she says, to have some people admire them.

"I like to make people smile, and my eclectic taste of clothes and accessories usually bring a smile from at least one or two people on an given day," she concludes.



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