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Rejection is your protection

Don't fear rejection it's for your good.
Don't fear rejection it's for your good.

Have you ever went out for a job and were so sure that you were qualified, but you still did not get the job? Maybe you had you eye on a special someone. You put your best game out there and that person still turned you down.
As a writer I have to deal with rejection all the time. Sometimes I put my best work out there and it is simply not what the people want to read, or what a particular magazine is needs. It is very hard to be rejected or looked over for something that you know you are well capable of performing well. I use to get so discouraged and often times wanted to give up, because I felt like no one would ever give me a chance to share my words with the world.

What I had to learn is that my rejection had nothing to do with me not being good enough. It had nothing at all to do with my abilities, experience or credentials: It simply was not the right career move for me; my rejection had turned into my protection. How you might ask? The job paid, close to nothing. When you are up and coming in the writing world you will have to pay your dues. Yet at some point you have to start requiring quality payment for your work, and their payments was not quality for all the work that they wanted performed.

Now I used this when talking about careers, but what about when it comes to something more personal like a loved one. Honestly some of the worse rejection I have felt has been at the hands of my parents, my former husband and a former best friend. The pain from that type of rejection is excruciating, because we expect these individuals to support us no matter what. The pain comes more from
stupidity that we feel for putting them on a pedestal, rather than their actual deed. In the words of one of my good friends, “Hell they are only human, and people do what people do.” For some reason that comment changed my whole outlook on rejection.

The truth is REJECTION IS NOT EASY TO ENDURE OR TO ACCEPT, regardless of where it comes from. But often our rejection protects us from the magnitude of hurt, pain, and frustration that will come from getting the things we THINK that we need. Everyone, whether family or friend, is not required to go where we are trying to go and every job is not going to take us where we are destine to go. These outliers can be distraction from the real blessings that God is trying to lead you into. People must learn how to trust God, even when He tells us no. Instead of getting angry or depressed when rejection arises, tell God thank you for protecting you from that storm ahead. ~Be Blessed

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