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Rejected one-year-old gentle pittie on euthanasia list in Gaston, N.C.

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Something about summertime that brings out the callousness in pet owners; is it time to go on vacation and they just don't want to pay someone to watch their dogs or cats? Then there are the owners who don't get their pets spayed or neutered.

On Wednesday, Gaston County Animal Control is overcrowded and bursting at the seams with dogs and cats; today many will die through no fault of their own. And here is a young black and white female pit bull who is so emotionally rejected by the overwhelming changes in her young life, she won't even lift her head. The dog was wearing a blue harness when she was picked up by Animal Control, yet no one has even stopped by to find her. A volunteer writes:

"2399 PAST DUE 6-5
stray, was wearing blue harness. Shy.
6/9 - Volunteer Notes:
Would not leave her kennel with me. Allowed me to put the lead on, but wouldn't budge. She is so afraid...not at all aggressive - allowed some petting. She looked a lot like this picture...head down and unhappy."

For more information about this dog:

Cage # F18 Age 2-3yr Adopt/Rescue/ Euthanasia Date 06/05/2014
ADOPTABLE Admitted Date 06/01/2014
Area Pickup:
Remarks: Shy"

Follow her tragic plight as volunteers try to spread this young dog's story through social media. Please share her photo and statistics with your friends, family, and coworkers. Someone may be out there who will become the perfect home for this sad pooch.

If interested, please call (702)-922-8677 immediately.

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