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Reinvigorate your makeup bag with old-but-great favorites

Let old be new
Bobbi Brown

Try makeup's originals and old favorites. Try these foundations from Bobbi Brown: Skin foundation SPF 15 and Luminous Moisture Treatment foundation. Skin provides the best natural look from Bobbi Brown and still has perfect imperfection coverage. The moisturizing Luminous type is also great for a natural look, and uses skin-firming and lifting ingredients as well as light-reflecting properties.

Do you all remember the popularity over Lancome's Juicy Tubes about 5 years ago? Juicy Tubes will be forever favorite staple glosses. They have nicely shaped applicators and are good for providing a sheer wash of color and high-end shine. Perfect to have on hand so you have a go-to gloss.

Also a very popular polish is Lancome nail vernis. Has a nicely unique look after application (nearly ceramic). Check out to see the latest sets for good luck.

An Estee Lauder signature foundation, DoubleWear liquid makeup, is another staple of your makeup to keep for a go-to foundation. Available at most all department stores.

More of Estee Lauder's line, Lucidity, Fresh Air, and Country Mist makeup bases, have been around for years, but also fill in your makeup bag when needed. Lucidity gives an illuminated look, Fresh Air is airy glow proven, and Country Mist has with it a dewy look.

Check out,, and or department stores.

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