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January is a good month for reinvention. A new beginning. A fresh start. But even though we start the New Year with a bang, after just a few weeks we can become frustrated. The problem usually is that we want to do too much too soon. We try drastic changes and try to make huge commitments. The good news is we don’t have to do that. You can start by making small, reasonable changes and adding more as you go along. Small changes make a huge difference. Start with some of these ideas and gradually add new healthy changes each week:
 Eat more fruits and vegetables. Keep cut up fruits and veggies in site or take them along with you. Have healthy dips like almond butter or low fat yogurt. Add extra veggies to foods you already love, like salads or soups. Puree veggies and add them to your family’s favorite meals.
 Avoid mindless eating. Don’t eat in front of the tv or computer. When eating actually sit and eat. Focus on the food’s taste and texture. Actually enjoy the meal.
 Snack healthier. Choose better options like a handful of your favorite nuts or trail mix, low fat yogurt or whole wheat crackers with low fat cheese. Watch your serving sizes. Count out and measure if you don’t know. Make sure you are only snacking when you are truly hungry.
 Don’t drink soda.
 Make smart choices when dining out. Most menus have lighter options you can choose from. Have a bowl of clear soup or a simple salad before your meal. Cut your meal in half and wrap it up right away or share a meal with a friend.
We need to give ourselves time to adjust to our new changes and enjoy our new commitments. If we take each healthy day completed as a victory we won’t be so overwhelmed and give up so easily. We want our New Year’s resolutions to really mean something. This time we want the new beginning to last a lifetime.

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