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Reinvention expert, SteveOlsher, helping people figure out,"What is your What?"

Steve Olsher, a life-long entrepreneur, began his first business when he was 9 yrs old.Steve owned a nightclub- one that did not serve alcohol- before his 21st birthday.Five years ago ,Steve's Step-Father passed away and Steve had a life-altering ,wake-up call which profoundly transformed his thoughts, beliefs, and business.

Book cover of Steve's latest self-help, personal development  book :release date September 30, 2013
Photos Courtesy of Steve Olsher's Internet Prophets Live

Steve decided not to chase the "almighty Dollar " just for the sake of making money. He chose to take a more holistic business approach using a formula he developed and has spent the last five years sharing this formula with participants in "The Reinvention Workshops" specifically designed to help people discover their unique gifts.

This formula, and case studies which include feedback based on interviews with 18 meaningful contributors are included in Steve Olsher's latest book, launching September 30th titled ,"What is Your What?"

The purpose behind "What is Your WHAT?" is to create a movement and a dialogue around helping people understand they are uniquely wired to achieve and excel in specific ways.

According to Steve," When people find out and get clear on "What is their What?" many will begin on the path of sharing their unique gifts with the world."

Steve explained," What is Your What?" provides a very specific framework for the readers to get the life answers they need ,so that they can then take the actions necessary to contribute to the world what they came to give.

The 18 case studies in this book include contributions by people, some famous, some not necessarily known outside their own communities, who have become clear in their lives about what they are compelled to do.

Steve says," Anyone can follow this formula which will help them discover three things: 1. Why they are here; 2. What are their unique gifts, and 3. Who they are compelled to serve." He continued,"Using the formula is not complicated,but it is does require following a step-by-step process that will guide you to finding your answers.

What is so significant about the book launch on September 30, 2013 is that Steve has offered to give the readers of this article a free copy of his book,"What is Your What?" That means you have nothing to lose and a possibly a life-altering discovery of your own to make by taking him up on his offer, with no strings attached.

When asked to reveal some of the names of the case study participants Steve said, "I interviewed Chris Brogran, Coo &President of Human Business Works-a publisher and media company for the personal business revolution; Guy Kawasaki, Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur and former Chief Evangelist of Apple and co-founder of

"Jack Canfield is a contributor to "What's Your What?" and many know his name as the Originator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series and his work as America's leading expert in creating success and personal fulfillment.

"David Allen , another interviewee is a productivity expert known for his time management method called,"Getting Things Done."

Before sharing more of the names of contributors of "What is Your What?" Steve wanted readers to understand what he believes are some reasons why people do not discover their "What?" He said, many people do not take the time to explore who they are and there are people who are in denial about themselves and what it would take to get more of their life's questions answered. He has heard all the excuses from those who don't want to do the work which has been everything from "not having time" to "not knowing how."

Another reason that people may not figure out their gift or "what?" they are here to do is that they don't go back and remember or explore far enough in their lives to a time when they were doing things they enjoyed which they might have stopped doing. "Someone might have enjoyed painting as a child until one day someone took away their supplies or criticized something they created. "

One of the budding clothing designers I met, was named Rachel.We'll keep the last name private, had her designs on her computer. Her father didn't believe she could make a good living as a fashion designer so he destroyed the computer with a sledgehammer.

In his book, "What is Your What?" Steve has a message to parents about the importance of supporting and encouraging your children to find and use their gifts.

Steve interviewed "Jenn Lim, CEO &Chief Happiness Office of Delivering Happiness, Culture Book Creator and Consultant at Zappos; Marci Schimoff, #1 NYTimes Bestselling Author of "Love for No Reason:7 Tips to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love;

Also on the list on meaningful contributors are," Mari Smith, a top social media influencer and Facebook marketing expert; Robin Jay, filmaker of "The Keeper of the Keys" - a film in which Steve Olsher also appeared; Rick Calvert, co-Founder of NMX ; Joe Amoia, also known as Dr. Joe, Creator of Smarter Dating for Women; and Randy Gage, a motivational speaker and host of Prosperity TV who shares insights into how to manifest prosperity and abundance in your life.

You'll find interviews with "Suzanne Evans, owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching LLC, a business coach who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start movements; Larry Winger, a professional motivational speaker who markets himself as the Trademarked,"Pitbull of personal development and the World's Only Irritational Speaker;" and from Imerman Angels is Johny Imerman's interview. His nonprofit organization matches a person touched with Cancer to a person who has had and survived that specific form of Cancer.

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