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Reinventing and Redesigning Mobile First Strategy

mobile first strategy
mobile first strategy

Smartphones are on the ongoing process of taking away the place of desktops and laptops. The world is increasingly witnessing larger consumption of tablets and smartphones. In the next few years, the world will have more of connectivity with devices and desktops and larger appliances will not be convenient as smaller packages like smartphones will offer more handy usage of technology. Thus, in order to focus on mobile first strategy industry watchers and developers are moving towards mobile first interface and platform. They are planning to redesign architecture in a way such that entire world would just be a click away from our fingertips.

Context Driven Software

When it comes to mobile first strategy, we are not talking about porting softwares and interfaces as per mobile OS requirements. It is not just an architectural shift from traditional web development ways. Newer and more responsive designs are being inundated in order to lead a well driven mobile first usage that would connect smartphones to various other devices at home as well as workplaces for fast completion of tasks at hand.

The era of programming started with the advent of procedural programming which was based on user action. Later when GUI came into forefront, user driven events took place of procedural programming and events were initiated which asked the software for various user-centric answers.

Now when smartphones are into scenario, context driven and sensor based software are more on the go. The push notifications are always enabled by users so that they keep receiving latest information regarding temperature, time of day, location and latest demographics. This brings forward the use of highly advanced technology in regards to artificial intelligence and upcoming softwares that work in accordance to RFID, WiFi, QR Codes and Digital Watermarking.

Switch from Massive to Granular Interfaces

Earlier the web management systems were massive and designed for one hard core usage. Now with the evolution of smartphones, software development outsourcing spins around many smaller APIs and mobile apps that can be used for multiple purposes. Granularity brings forward the idea of “composable enterprise” where APIs and smartphone apps are developed in a way that also leaves doors open for other developers to be able to add some robust feature to the existing code in order to provide thorough taste of technology to users.

Value Centric usage would Open Multitudinous Opportunities

Some years back the systems were built for specific purposes. No one ever wondered about amalgamating resources so that one thing could be used for/with other things as well. With Internet of things and Big Data in news and analytics that is taking huge leaps and bounds, APIs and applications are going to take the world with a storm and will interconnect every device so that every device works in perfect coherence. Enterprises used HRMS and CRM systems earlier. All these are based upon monolithic functionality. But since granularity has come into picture, several dimensions for developers and organisations have opened up. This granularity will be used to stream data, analytics and development to build systems as per the mobile-first strategy.

What the value centric systems would do is to ascertain information from previously used interfaces and pile them for intelligent analytics so that they can be employed for contextual based set up of social networking and social sharing. With the Big Data on the rise, analytics needs to be smart enough to manipulate all data regarding users and organize those bits and pieces into intelligent information which can be stored easily to later render comfort to users’ lives in some or the other way. And by keeping in mind the above three contexts of mobile first strategy, the mobile app developers will be able to outsource smarter platforms which would work in good stead for users as well as for developers themselves.

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