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Reintroduction of Friends


I have recently shied away from a spot down the road from my place due to the fact I just could not catch the right staff at the right time. This is a lesson to all bars and restaurants that it isn't your company that makes your the best, it is your staff that does. Because if it was not for the welcoming staff with the energetic personalities, why would I even care to be there? The spot I speaking of is Buffalo Wild Wings on Hacks Cross and the staff, well, I have a rule, I do not name names, but be here on Thursday Night's. Great people.

I originally was not going to come, but something in my guy said give the good ole Buffalo a try. I did...and I was happy. Fat kid eating so much "healthy food", I could not contain my happiness. But, due to the unhealthy nature of our PC environment we are forced into, I did. It was like the old times and it was nice. I love when certain people are just "Be Damned" and be themselves. It is great to watch. Tonight's main source of entertainment was some guests next to me that really...really...really seemed to enjoy their TV entertainment.

So first off, last I checked, BWW is sort of, maybe, possibly, I could be wrong, a...sports bar. I think the commercials speak for themselves. So when I am sitting at my bar enjoying some great Buzztime Trivia while watching the sports provided, never in my life have I ever heard the following question. "Is there, anyway possible, you can put that on Tru TV?" So, as you would guess, one the best bartenders I know who works on Thursday Nights "HINT", quickly explains why that channel isn't on the approved list. The next question AND explanation was fantastic..."Can you at least put in on COPS? That's a sport.".

I should end my article here, but I won't. I will not do so because I will never, ever, understand even in the drunkest mind I live in that tells me "Go into a public bar and put it on my nightly TV show programming." For those interested, I do believe a white undershirt commonly called a "wife beater" was worn in the making of the evening. Nevertheless, I believe they found boredom in the current TV programming of BWW and left. God speed and I know an excellent Comcast Rep who can get that cable for you.

So there you go. I leave this wonderful place with a great night behind me and I cannot wait for the next adventure. service at BWW at Hacks Cross. Find the almost ponytailed, no nonsense bartender on days not being Monday or Wednesday or the self proclaimed Caucasian husky server on the same nights with a smile for days. Its his definition, not mine, but he does fit the bill. So come on in. The water is fine...after that beer, shot, and beer you have.