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Reincarnation redoux

The modern world has largely thrown away the political influence of religion much to the consternation of those clerics that think they know better. Let us not throw the Buddha out with the bath water!

Physics promotes truth that can be demonstrated by anyone who cares to repeat the experiment. Lately, the reductionists have come to an inexplicable territory in particle physics where the intent of the observer becomes part of the behavior of what was thought formerly to be objective material. Strange indeed. Our intentions directly affect the material world at least on this microscopic level. It only takes a modicum of imagination to extend this principle to the macrocosmic level.

Metaphysics says that we imagine our realities before we live them out. Belief seems to be the power that is behind the manifestation of events as they occur. Seeing is believing. Believing is faith when doubt disappears.

The reality of reincarnation is just dawning on sleeping humanity especially in the western culture. In his most recent book, Miracles Happen, Brian Weiss M.D. details more irrefutable evidence of what can be called ‘soul growth’ through the reincarnation principle. Dr Weiss states that reincarnation is now proven to exist by clinical data. What this means is that all doctrinal and dogmatic thought that is contrary to this fact must be dropped allowing the human mind the freedom to think along factual lines as has been occurring since the advent of scientific enlightenment.

Eastern culture has always embraced the principle of soul movement throughout eternity. The doctrine also gives the soul the possibility of evolving beyond the need to come back to this world; thus attaining true freedom in one lifetime when proper application of thought is used. Unfortunately, the western influence which is the main channel of human thought today is unbalanced to the material side and is stuck in materialistic flailing, limitation, violence and disease. Embracing the fact of reincarnation is a dynamic cure for these ailments if one has the courage.

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