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Reimagined: Can a New Direction, Look, and Feel Rejuvenate MySpace?

Cleaner, Entertainment-Centered MySpace Redesign
Cleaner, Entertainment-Centered MySpace Redesign


  • Jo Dean 5 years ago

    I abandoned MySapce for FaceBook a long time ago dude.

  • The_Patriot 5 years ago

    myspace is dead. gone, part of history, like AOL or steam engines

  • myface2011 5 years ago

    I think they should return to the old interface and do away with the current "myface" style interface. I think enough time has passed and users have been away for long enough. If they login and it feels familiar it might spark a little nostalgia. People were doing a lot of social networking and planning on myspace just a few years ago. Give them something they remember and they will cycle back through. Then hit them with new content.

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