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Reiki Self Healing with Angels

Reiki self-healing
Reiki self-healing

Healing yourself can be a lifelong journey, but as you begin to learn how powerful you are as a being, you begin to discover the magic you have at your fingertips. Self hands-on healing can provide an easy and profound source of energy, taking your issues into your own hands. To know you have this tool is the most empowering wisdom of all.

Steps to Self-Healing

• Sit in a comfortable position, lying down or in a chair. Close your eyes and take long deep breaths, until you feel relaxed and centered.

• Keep your hands palms up to receive energy.

• Set your intent for full-body healing or picture a specific area.

• Imagine a light coming down from your Higher Self or the Source, down through your crown chakra/head and through your body, down into the ground to anchor you.

• Imagine the light filling you up, reaching every corner of your body, slowly pushing out through your pores and enveloping you. Feel it pulsing within and around you.

• Now place your hands on your body, either face down on your legs or on a chakra/area that you feel drawn to. Imagine now, your Angel guide enter your being, their hands slipping into yours to facilitate your healing process.

• Feel the energy come through your hands and fill you with peace, joy and healing on all levels. Relax and allow the Angel to do the work.

• As you finish, take long deep breaths to come back. Feel yourself anchor into your body and take a few moments to open your eyes and come back.

• You may choose to write down your thoughts, feelings or any images that came to you during your healing. It can help to channel what you may have missed or a way to come back and look at it later for more insight.

Tip: Try this self-healing exercise before bed at night and allow yourself to fall asleep during the healing. It makes for a very restful sleep!

Here are a couple of sample questions to ask/answer after a healing. Keep a journal nearby specifically for this, and write down whatever comes to your mind. This is a great way to practice channeling, as writing can effectively bypass our brain/ego and present clear answers. Remember, the more you do it, the clearer the information will be.

1. What does my ailment stem from?

2. What can I do to release the issue and regain my health on all levels?


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