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Reiki for pets? You bet!


Leaming Chee-Brown & Candy Boroditsky - Co-founders of Reiki Fur Babies - Courtesy Photo

Our furry friends suffer a wide variety of illnesses just as we do, yet often, they don’t receive proper care and attention to these ailments. Some require veterinary care while others can be treated homeopathically and naturally. Often, these two methods work best when combined. One of these natural healing methods made itself known to me by two fantastic ladies who perform, of all things, Reiki on pets!

For those who don’t know, Reiki is a Japanese technique that helps reduce stress and induces relaxation while it promotes healing. This is done by the “laying on of hands” with the idea being that there is an energy that flows through us all which, in essence, animates us. If a person’s (or pet’s) energy is low, they become weak and sickly, and if it’s high, they are healthy. (Paraphrased from The International Center for Reiki Training).

As in all Asian philosophy, Reiki Masters work to increase and balance one’s energy. By directing a positive healing energy to a weakened or diminished area of the body, the body can begin to heal itself. Some may say rubbish, but I, too, was a skeptic until I tried it many years back. Growing up with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have suffered a great deal of pain in my time. A twenty-year Reiki Master and her apprentice performed a Reiki session on me, and let me tell you, it did something! After the session, I was thirsty and felt as if I’d had a major sports massage (the kind that leaves you sore in places you forgot you had). The Reiki Master instructed me to drink lots of water, take a hot shower, and get some sleep. The next day, and for the next several weeks, I felt absolutely fantastic! I have no explanation, only the personal experience to offer.

Reiki Fur Babies was founded on this principal, and a mutual love for animals, by Candy Boroditsky and Leaming Chee-Brown (aka Ming).

Candy is a physical therapist who successfully studied and learned second degree, distance Reiki with her friend Ming many years ago.

Ming (Leaming) has a Doctorate in Pharmacology from the University of Southern California. She is an animal lover who has a yellow Lab named Sammy Diva and a Corgi named Lucy. It was because of a diagnosis of canine hip dysplasia in Sammy that she decided to learn Reiki. Needless to say, the Reiki worked.

These two ladies work together, combining their energies to help heal animals who suffer a variety of conditions and illnesses. Both strongly recommend consulting a veterinarian first for all health care needs of one’s pets, but Reiki is a wonderful companion alternative to assist in any calming and healing process.

With healthcare being such a charged issue for people, it’s good to know that there are caring individuals out there just as concerned for the rights of animals to receive a non-harmful alternative form of healthcare.

Their website is filled with stories of their success from hundreds of happy and satisfied pet owners. Some examples of their success include a Golden Retriever named Sydney who was an abused animal, overweight, with two infected front legs from living her lifetime thus far on cement. Her Humane Society foster mom took her in. Sydney had no energy, no will to live, and would only lay down, unmoving. After three Reiki sessions with Candy and Ming, she began to physically feel better which led to an improvement in her demeanor. She wagged her tail for the first time after receiving the healing energy given her by these two loving ladies. After the third session, she was walking up the stairs and crawling into bed with her foster mom. Now she’s happy and healthy. (Sydney before Reiki, left.  Sydney after Reiki, right.  Courtesy photos)

Another happy pet parent sings Candy and Ming’s praises for curing her nervous dog of her yard digging problem. When Winter was brought home from the Humane Society, she suffered anxiety due to previous animal abuse. Her condition caused her to constantly dig major sized holes in her adoptive parent’s back yard. Her pet mom joked that her yard looked like someone had set off grenades back there! After her first treatment, Winter showed signs of improvement. Her disposition changed from anxious to calm. Weeks have gone by without Winter digging one single hole! (More stories and testimonials here) (Winter the dog, now calm and no longer digging holes.  Courtesy photo)

Candy and Ming have brought a unique alternative medicine to the world of animal health. If you have a pet and are interested in learning more about how Reiki works, and what Reiki Fur Babies can do for your pet, visit their website: Reiki Fur Babies.   Mention that you read this article and you will recieve a 10% discount on a Reiki session for your pet!  

Thank you to Ming and Candy for granting me the opportunity to feature their wonderful work here. 

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  • Rich Webster 5 years ago

    I'm convinced you're right. My wife had to tend to one of our cats ("Mickey"), applying a topical antiobiotic lotion daily, for almost 2 months. I think the attention, and "the laying on of hands" had as much to do w/ his recovery as the medicine.

  • Peter C 5 years ago

    Great article. The testimonial stories on the ReikiFurbabies website are quite amazing.

  • Rhonda 5 years ago

    I can also attest to not only Reiki, but to Ming & Candy of Reiki Fur Babies. My cat received his FVRCP shot (which he has had regularly for years) and had a bad reaction. He was hiding in the corner and not eating or drinking. After a day of this, I asked Ming & Candy for help. Right after the Reiki session, he came out of hiding and curled up next to me. Not long afterward, he was eating and drinking again. I am thankful that they were able to help him.

  • Arlene 5 years ago

    This is a wonderful article and very true. They have helped me in so many ways with my dog who suffers from allergies and separation anxiety. She loves her sessions with them. They are mostly maintenance for the allergies and comfort for the anxiety but Ming and Candy are Masters at their craft. I also always like to throw in the fact that Reiki works well on humans. I have had treatments for neck and have had great results.
    Keep up the good work ladies.

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