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Reiki for health and wellness

This image depicts a hands-on Reiki treatment in progress.
This image depicts a hands-on Reiki treatment in progress.
Author: James Logan; Uploaded by Andy Beer with agreement of author and models

Reiki (“ray-kee”) is a great way to relax and promote health and wellness. Created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late nineteenth century, Reiki is a holistic healing method that's recognized as an effective adjunct to Western medicine, especially with post-surgical recovery. It’s been proven to lessen healing time significantly while also reducing pain levels. The name Reiki comes from two Japanese words; Rei, meaning “God’s Wisdom,” and Ki, meaning “Life Force Energy.”

Reiki assists with balancing areas of the body’s aura or energy field that are commonly referred to as chakras. The seven chakras include the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown. They flow freely with energy when they’re clear, helping support a healthy, happy individual. When they’re blocked by negative emotional energy or stress, you feel the effects in many ways.

If you’re not already experiencing pain in some part of your body, you’re likely to find yourself getting sick if you’re not looking after your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. This is because we experience illness in our aura before we feel the effects physically. Whether you’re feeling blue, down in the dumps or on edge, these are early warning signs that your energy field is weak. Reiki can help bring balance back to your energy field as well as suggest what might be wrong in the first place.

A Reiki practitioner doesn’t ‘perform’ healing. They are a conduit for the life-force energy, specially trained to accept and channel the Universal or Reiki energy. They may use several Reiki techniques to administer treatment depending on their training. Regardless of which form of Reiki is used, a client feels the warm flow of energy during treatment. A Reiki practitioner with keen intuition can often pinpoint areas of the body’s energy field that are ‘sore’ spots and inform their clients about them.

Reiki energy is intelligent and goes where it’s needed most. For example, if you have trouble expressing your needs to others, Reiki energy will concentrate at the throat chakra to help you meet this challenge. If you have a broken heart, it will focus on that area to help you heal it.

Reiki is non-denominational; anyone can receive a Reiki treatment. The Canadian Reiki Association lists certified Reiki practitioners in your area. It also provides FAQ’s and testimonials to the effectiveness of Reiki treatments. 


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