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Reigning "World Player of the Year," Lionel Messi injured again

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

What is it about humanity's most talented individuals that make others desire to knock them off of their pedestal, with no opportunity of taking their place?

Lionel Messi, Barcelona's leading goal scorer, won the award for "World Player of the Year" last season. Then you have a player like Tomasz Ujfalusi who feels the need to jump into Messi with his cleats raised, landing directly on Leo's ankle (see it on youtube).

This is not an unusual event in a day in the life of this Argentine great. Messi is known for his ability to turn some of the world's top defenders into human practice cones as he dances past player after player, scoring goal after goal against the world's top clubs. I imagine this can become rather frustrating for said defenders. Others may get extremely jealous of his skill and feel the need to react aggressively.

Maliciousness is no way to respond, yet the entire world has been filmed doing it. Most of the time, however, Messi dances away with the ball unscathed, as the referee yells "play on!" I imagine his skill and ability to escape from such attacks make him a prime target.

Google News reported today that Leo has returned to training after receiving ligament damage to his ankle just five days prior. This shows the motivation and passion of a true professional returning to the game.

Injury, whether physical, or psychological, can be an immense obstacle that, at times, seems impassable. The body does not forget the trauma it experienced. Fear, anxiety, and insecurity are more likely to enter into an individual's consciousness whenever approaching a similar situation. Overcoming these psychological barriers are more often than not, more difficult than the physical healing that occurs at the site of the injury. A common problem occurs when these issues are not addressed and the damaged psyche will end up causing a repeat injury.

A Sport Psychologist can assess these issues in a therapeutic environment, is a PhD, and is capable of working with individuals not necessarily associated with sport. Instead of the clinical model of diagnosis and treatment of an illness, sport psychology focuses on performance enhancement, regardless of the area of performance that needs improvement. Check out Dr. Moncier James, a local Sport Psychologist here in Huntsville.

For your physical needs, check out D1 Sports on Bailey Cove Rd. They have partnered with Huntsville Hospital's Sport Center and the Orthopaedic Center of Huntsville to assess the needs of any individual who walks, limps, or rolls through their door. Training there, you may find yourself lifting weights alongside America's elite athletes, instilling the passion and motivation that you need to reach the next level.


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