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'Reign': Torrance Coombs teases what is next for Bash

Bash may have a new woman to show interest in.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"Reign" has Bash in a tough place on CW, but things may improve for him as the season continues. On March 10, E! Online shared the latest comments made by Torrance Coombs about his character and what is coming up next for him.

On the last episode, Bash was banished from French court, and then someone tried to kill him. This was after he lost Mary to Francis. That couple is now married, and Bash is set to return to French court. However, he may not be alone when he returns. Coombs teased the following about what is next for his character and a new woman that will enter Bash's life:

We pick it up a couple months later, and Rowan actually seems to be a bit of a pain in the ass at first, but she actually ends up saving Bash from a bear trap, and they have a little adventure. In many ways she's quite a good match for him so we'll have to see what happens between them.

Does this mean all hope is lost for Mary and Bash? Possibly, but Nostradamus did have a new vision that put Francis' life near an end. "Reign" will continue to air on Thursday nights.

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