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'Reign' season 2: Torrance Coombs tease Francis' fate and Bash

Will Bash become a prince next season on Reign?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Fans of "Reign" are waiting to see what will happen next to Francis. At the end of season one finale, Francis left the castle to find Lola after learning that she was about to give birth to his child. However, the plague had arrived in the area, and the castle gates were about to be closed. Mary followed through on that order after Francis' departure. On May 31, Enstarz shared some new teasers from Torrance Coombs for the upcoming season.

Coombs stars as Bash on the CW drama, and he might be in for some big changes when season two begins. The actor would not reveal if Francis would come down with the black plague during his time outside the castle, but he did reveal that Toby Regbo was asked to return to film episodes for season two when production begins later this summer. It is clear that Francis will return for at least the start of the season.

When he does return, Francis will have a decision to make. With his father's death, Bash will no longer have a clear place at the castle. It will be up to Francis to decide whether or not his half-brother is made a prince or not. Coombs teased that Francis may bring Bash back to French court following their father's death because he will need to lean on him. Queen Catherine will not want him anywhere near the castle though. She still sees him as a threat to her son.

As for the series, it was also announced that Jonathan Keltz would be a series regular for season two, according to From Inside The Box. He stars on the series as Leith. During the season one finale, he made a big move to win Greer's heart, but she chose to stay with the man she is engaged to. However, an incident that happened after that decision had her running to make sure Leith was still alive. Greer and Leith will have more drama between them when the series returns.

What do you think? Are you ready to find out what happens next to Francis and Mary? "Reign" will return to CW this fall.

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