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'Reign' Recap: The truth about Clarissa

Mary: "My heart is open."
Mary: "My heart is open."
Sven Frenzel/The CW

“Inquisition” is tonight’s episode of “Reign.” To refresh your memory on what happened last time, click here. “Reign” returns February 27th on the CW. Here’s the latest gossip at the castle:

Medici Family Reunion

Catherine’s family comes back to court with King Henry. As it turns out, Catherine’s family is maybe crueler than Catherine. They do try their best to help Catherine with a defense. Plus, they refurnish Catherine’s cell and get permission for Catherine to go out and about in the castle. Once Catherine loses against Henry, however, the Medici’s decide that Catherine is a failure and are ashamed of her for that. Before leaving, Catherine’s family gives her some poison that she can take to kill her instead of having the axe do it. Isn’t that sweet?

Protect the Pagan Baby

Mary and Bash are all about Isabel’s baby in this episode. They have to keep her hidden from Catherine and the rest of court. Yeah, they don’t do so well in this episode. Catherine not only sees Mary with the baby, but Catherine also sees the pagan mark on the baby’s foot. Oopsies. Of course, this leads to a giant baby witch hunt, as well as Bash and Mary doing their best to get to the baby before Catherine does. Don’t worry, all is well because the baby’s mark had faded by the end of the episode when Catherine is in possession of the baby.

Marriage Counseling

Catherine and Henry have a moment of reflection and confession when it comes to the early years in their marriage. Henry claims Catherine pushed him away, and she claims the opposite. It is an intense, emotional moment. If you weren’t sure, you could have just taken a cue from the music that was playing in the background.

Clarissa’s Past Revealed

Catherine has her first run in with Clarissa, prompting her to turn to Nostradamus for answers. He tells Catherine that his father tried to surgically remove Clarissa’s birth mark on her cheek, and he ended up horribly disfiguring her. Then, the other kids at school made fun of Clarissa, and so Nostradamus returned her to the castle to a life in the shadows. Later, Bash and Mary present Henry with a woman who says that Catherine had a lover and a child with this lover. Guess what? The child is Clarissa. In case you are wondering, the mother daughter reunion did not go over so well. Clarissa saving Catherine’s life just wasn’t what Catherine wanted.

Favorite Quotes

Catherine: “Off with you, child. You’ve killed me enough for one day.”

Henry: “Lesson for the day: Next time you see a threat large or small, you cut it down like a weed.”

Catherine: “Who ties the hands of the King other than a lusty few?”

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